Chanel’s world of bag is indeed a colourful one.

Aside from the chameleonic colours, materials used to craft Chanel bags are unique too! Let’s talk about them a little!

Caviar – cowhide leather that embossed with small “caviar” like pebble pattern, hence the name. Sturdy and resistant to scratch.

Lambskin – delicate and luxurious with soft touch and silky sheen. The traditional material of the house. Prone to scratches and dents, extra care needed.

Lizard – exotic leather. Identifiable by its small grain texture. Limited by the skin’s size, lizard leather usually offered in small size items. Prone to drying out, constant conditioning needed.

Crocodile – highest rank in exotic leathers. The majestic scales do not need any embellishment. Tend to offered in small sizes. Avoid water and damp. Like lizard, it dries out over time if not properly taken care.

Tweed – one of the house’s traditional materials, introduced in the 1920’s. Wool will be woven with other materials like sequin, silk, feather, glitter, metallic thread. Delicate and rubbing against other materials should be avoided.

Jersey – another iconic fabrics of the house. Knitted from wool originally, later improvised with mixture of cotton and synthetics. Introduced by Coco Chanel in 1916. Jersey is not restorable hence should be avoided with heavy rubbing or caught on harp objects.

Denim – offered in different shades of blue. Denim is thick and strong, however, they are prone to fading. Heavy rubbing and long exposing to light should be avoided.

Distressed leather – cowhide leather that processed specially to look aged. Slightly dull colour and wrinkles are the characters. Usually paired with ruthenium or antique hardware. Lower maintenance.

Patent leather – leather coated with acrylic or vinyl. It has a luscious glossy appearance. Water marks may stay permanent if not attend to immediately. Stickiness may occur if item exposed to high humidity or heat. The high gloss may fade off over time but can be restored with specialised patent leather products.

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