(SOLD) genuine pre-owned Chanel vintage mademoiselle classic flap

27 x 17.5 x 7.5 cm

(Length x Height x Depth)

Handle drop:

23 cm – double chain

40 cm – single chain



Presenting here is vintage (circa 1985, 6-digit series 0) Chanel classic flap with mademoiselle chain handle. Earlier version, distinguish by its straight-bordered flap, all-metal chain and wider dimensions, this was before Karl Lagerfeld introduced the Classic Flap with interlaced chain that we all know today.

We simply adore the earlier Mademoiselle Flap (usually from 1970s to early 1980s) as we think its design is closer to the original version 2.55 that Coco Chanel created in 1955. Plus, the gold all-metal chain gives it a grander look!

Dimensions – Slightly wider than the 25.5 cm medium flap which gives it a roomier interior and despite that, it’s slightly lighter in weight (we figured the reason is the difference of padding materials that used for quilting).

Double-chain Handle – A design which was just revolutionary when Coco Chanel designed the first bag in 1955. Sliding between shorter and longer lengths, this flexible feature enables the bag to be elegantly carried in hand or on shoulder.

Pockets – Unusually, some of the 1970s/1980s Mademoiselle Flaps only have 6 total pockets instead of the traditional 7. The absence of zipped slot underneath the flap actually took some weight away!

-Vintage, circa 1985. Early 0 series, with 6-digit serial.

-Lambskin leather with signature diamond-pattern quilting.

-24karat gold plated hardware (faded).

-Mademoiselle all-metal chain handle.

-Double flap with snap button and CC turn lock.

-Signature burgundy-colour interior, full leather.

-Total 6 pockets, each with its own function and story.

Attachment (s): box and hologram only.

7/10 good vintage condition especially for a 30+ yo vintage piece.