genuine (almost-new) Hermès “Échecs et Trames” avalon blanket


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One of the beloved classic pieces in Hermès home department, the Avalon blanket would add a touch of sophistication and luxury to any space, be it at home, studio or workspace. With its substantial thickness of wool, you could casually drape it over your couch or accent a chair, for that pop of colour and pattern.

Made of a blend of Merino wool and cashmere, the Avalon blanket is soft and comfortable to keep you warm. It will be a staple piece throughout the seasons.


To echoes the yearly theme of “Let’s Play”, Hermès created this season-limited pattern “Échecs et Trames“, a geometrical juxtaposition of two board games – Little Horses and Chess.



  • 140 x 170 cm
  • 90% Merino wool with 10% cashmere.
  • Made in Great Britain.
  • Colourway of red, brick orange and grey.
  • Pattern of optic lines, squares and rounds.
  • Iconic H squares on all four corners.
  • Rolled and stitched hems.



Currently retailing at RM9300

Attachment (s): paper bag only.

9/10 almost-new condition, no stain, hole or tear.