(SOLD) genuine (like-new) Hermès Heure H 17.2mm watch

Size TPM 17.2 x 17.2 mm

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The Huere H watch collection has been Hermes’ iconic design since its debut in 1996. The TPM size (17.2 mm) is ladylike dainty and elegant, a touch of luxury on any outfit by one of the most prominent fashion houses. The lively and signature “H” motif case now paired with double-tour leather bracelet.


  • Case shaped in signature H motif.
  • Blue swift leather double-tour strap.
  • Palladium-plated steel case and strap buckle.
  • White dial with sunburst motif.
  • Swiss-made quartz movement.
  • Anti-glare sapphire crystal.
  • Hour and minute functions.
  • With strap changing pin.


Currently retailing at RM12.7k

Attachment (s): box, presentation block, strap changing pin and booklet.

Like-new condition. Quartz movement is running well.