(SOLD) genuine (NEW) Hermès scarf 90 “Monsieur et Madame II”

90 x 90 cm

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The “Monsieur et Madame II” print of Hermes depicts an eccentric radiograph of a couple and their everyday H pieces. The artist of this print, Bali Barret was inspired by old Hermes advertisements from the 1930s.

This print is rich of H treasures – On the Monsieur, you’ll find Cape Cod watch, Chaîne d’Ancre bracelet, Drag travel bag and H belt. On the Madame, you’ll find crocodile HAC Birkin, Harnais watch, Tigre Royal scarf and Bolduc twilly.

The orange background is framed with saddle-stitching red border and decorated with khaki-colour spots that evoke safari adventure, lastly a finish touch of flowing Hermes ribbons.


Since 1937, silk scarves has become an inseparable element in Hermes’ heritage. No luxury fashion house makes scarves as ingeniously and artistically as H – every prints are meticulously drawn and created by independent artists, the subjects could vary from abstract to zoology (and equestrian!).

Collectors of Hermes scarves are just as passionate as Hermes bag collectors. These vivid silks can be worn in daily life, or framed up to decorate a space.


  • Colour way: Orange / Red / Khaki
  • 100% silk, made in France.
  • 90 cm size square scarf.


Scarf 90 is currently retailing at RM2150

Attachment (s): box only.

New condition.