(SOLD) genuine (unused/new) Hermès “Jaguar Quetzal” shawl 140

140 x 140 cm

70% cashmere, 30% silk

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“Jaguar Quetzal” is an instant classic among Hermes lovers and collectors. With inspiration from the jaguar warriors of the Aztec civilization. The artist, Alice Shirley illustrates a portrait of harmonious softness: a sleeping jaguar dreaming of freedom, surrounded by flora and butterflies.

Colourway of blue, taupe and grey for the background, brown and black for the jaguar. This colourful print is vivid, energetic and evocative.

The giant scarf offers many ways to wear and style for different occasions – wear as robe, bustier, head scarf or simply around the neck with generous volume of drapes. Thanks to its size, the 140 scarf can also be creatively styled as a hippie hobo bag. (Refer to last pics for styling references from H website!).

Currently retailing at RM5.3k+

Attachment (s): box only.

Unused/new condition.