(SOLD) genuine pre-owned Louis Vuitton vintage Alzer 80 trunk

80 x 52 x 25.5 cm

(Length x Height x Depth)



We’re thrilled and proud to present a rare vintage Louis Vuitton Alzer 80 trunk! LV trunks seldom show up on secondary market, let alone the largest 80 (cm) in Alzer lineup. Circa 1990s era, owned by just one owner since new, this stunning vintage trunk is now ready for a new home.

Comparing with the other smaller sizes (cm: 55, 60, 65, 70, 75) Alzer, we like that the largest 80 cm is versatile to work around as interior decoration, and it would create much grander impression.

A well-travelled piece with authentic vintage characters like this Alzer 80 here, would add a unique luxury touch to any interior style (be it minimalist, industrial, grand classic or contemporary artistic) and any space (living room, bedroom, foyer, office, cafe or boutique).

The advantage of trunk is, the way of decorate can be switched easily. Here are some decorate ideas: closed (either with customised feet or not), as mini table; opened as corners for display or even small pet resting! A plain glass in customised dimension can be added to the top surface for protection from scratches, stains and dust.

As the core and heritage of Louis Vuitton, displayed in every LV boutique, trunks are also known as valuable assets whose value appreciates with time. Historical LV trunks are also regular items at big auction houses like Christie’s.


  • Large trunk in 80 cm.
  • Monogram coated canvas.
  • Brass detail pieces across the trunk.
  • Hard-sided with brass corners.
  • Solid handle in natural cowhide leather.
  • Brown leather LV logo lozenge trims.
  • Brass rivets lined up on the trims.
  • S-lock in the centre with two latches.
  • Historical Vuittonite beige canvas interior.
  • Feature of Alzer: 1 removable interior tray.
  • Individual serial number on the lock and key.
  • Label inside with trunk serial number.


Retailing at HKD92500 (approx. RM50000)

Attachment(s): trunk key and interior tray.

Good vintage condition with some signs of storage and usage, still a relatively “young” vintage piece compared with older antique trunks.