This special line first started in the early 1970s to serve the big demand for LV leather goods in the US. After two decades, this line was finally ceased around mid 1990s.

Back to that time, all the LV items were mainly manufactured in France. To achieve better economies of scale and cope with the growing demand in the US, LV granted licence to an American luggage maker – the French Company (shorten French Co.) to make items.

These French Co. made LV items were only sold in the North America, mainly at high-end department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s.

Some of the most-popular French Co. LV items were Bucket bag, Speedy bag, Keepall bag, garment bag, some other travel bags and small leather goods.
Interesting facts about French Co. LV:

They have no date code, only a Tyvek tag which is a mixture of plastic and paper.

They had plated nickel hardware instead of golden brass. No LV engraving on them. Zippers were Talon or Eclair.

The leather that used was darker brown colour coated/treated leather instead of VVN natural cowhide leather. They are more resistant to wears.

The interior lining was different kind of fabric (rougher) than the French made one.

Some modifications on the designs too! Like on the Bucket bag, it has a leather border in middle of its body. Speedy bag has a leather border at the base and its zipper is push-lock type.

Although French Co. LV items may considered as licensed products but, nevertheless, they are part of the history of the brand. Because of their unique antique appearance and rarity, they are actually highly sought after by some vintage collectors.

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