The first, original edition of Herbag was released in 1997, described as ” the evolutionary Hermès bag ” by the house.

It’s not hard to see why it is “evolutionary”. There are total 3 generations for Herbag:

First gen, 2-in-1
Second gen, with Back-Zip
The current gen, with Pouch

The original first edition was called “2-in-1” as it came with 2 exchangeable canvas bodies in different colours, usually one colour to tonal match the leather and another one in contrast tone.

The one in photos demonstrated here is the vintage 2-in-1 Herbag. We disassembled it and showing all its parts here:

Canvas body x 2
Leather flap
Leather short handle
Leather long handle
Leather clochette with keys
Leather stopper
Metal rod

Disassembling and assembling process can take as little as 2 minutes, if you’re familiar with it!

Herbag also comes in different forms and sizes:
Herbag PM (size 31)
Herbag MM (size 39)
Herbag TPM (mini sling)
Herbag TGM (travel bag)
Herbag Ado (backpack)
Herbag Pochette (clutch)

Oh yes, by the way, French pronunciation for Herbag is “Air-bag” (sort of 😬). Of course, in English pronunciation it’s still “Her-bag”. H in French doesn’t sound.

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