Since we had the L V Vanity PM and Cannes here, we did a quick side-by-side comparison. Those who are in the market of getting a modern L V vanity bag would probably find themselves contemplating between these two bags.

Firstly, let’s lay out the similarities: both featuring zip-around lid closure, both are made of Monogram and Monogram Reverse canvases, both come with a detachable strap, both are capable of holding large phones.

Now, let’s lay out the differences:

Vanity PM is shorter but wider (horizontal), Cannes is taller but narrower (vertical).

Vanity PM is softer but lighter, Cannes is more structured but heavier.

Vanity PM has double zipper which is more functional, Cannes has only one.

Vanity PM’s strap is not adjustable and not that comfortable as it’s chain. Cannes’s strap is adjustable and flat for smoother wear.

Vanity PM has more decorative accessories like padlock, key bell and leather-woven chain. Cannes has padlock and lines border only.

Vanity PM is RM700 (almost 1k) cheaper than the Cannes.

Now that you’ve seen it, which one would you go for?

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