Chanel GST 🛒 the Grand Shopping Tote! On the left is facelift version (after 2010), on the right is the 1st generation.

What are the (subtle) differences?

1 – centrepiece CC logo. Facelift one is stitched and blended with diamond quilting. Former one is a cut-out stitched on top.

2 – ring eyelet. Facelift ones are wider and engraved with 31 Rue Cambon. Former ones are just thin.

3 – strap keyring. Facelift has one inside the bag, to attach pouch or key. Former one only have a D-ring.

4 – structure. Facelift is softer, and tend to lose its shape easier after frequent usage. Former one’s leather is somehow thicker and sturdier.

5 – interior fabric. Facelift one is satin. Softer and has much luxurious touch, but it’s also delicate. Former one is a fabric called Ottoman, it’s jacquard-woven and thicker.

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